Psychology Practice Raja


Psychology Practice Raja offers professional treatment, tailored to your problems, yours needs and wishes. During treatment you will learn about your behavior, about your thinking, about your feelings and how you can learn to deal with it together. We use a variety of therapy styles, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Every person is unique, every problem is unique and therefore every treatment process is unique.

Psychology Practice Raja has contracts with surroundings municipalities; Den Haag, Delft, Zoetermeer, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Westland, Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Voorschoten, Wassenaar, Rijswijk en Midden-Delfland. Basic Mental Healthcare for youth and adolescents up till 18 years old is fully reimbursed from the basic insurance. For adults, please take the amount of your deductible into account with your decision to start treatment.

Treatment for youth:

Children are playfull and can surprise us as adults in how they convey the world around us. Nevertheless, it can be very puzzling when a child doesn’t flourish at home, with friends or at school. This can be very unsettling for parents and can also create confusion for a child. As parents, it can be difficult to fully understand what goes around in their little heads and to adjust parenting strategies to fulfill the needs of the child’s development.

We understand these difficulties and see it as our job to help you and your child to better understand the problems you are facing. We find it important to enhance the connection between the parents and a child. We will talk with the child and his or hers important adults around them. By doing so, we try to fully understand how a problematic situations or a developmental delay is caused and set out a direction together how we can find solutions within the ecology of the child.

Treatment for adolescents:

As an adolescent, the world is at your feet. You and your peers are trying to take action in this world. However, you might feel that it all goes to fast around you and you get overwhelmed. In this phase of life the rapid changing world around you is attractive, but might come with tensions and insecurities. Additionally, you might have questions about your identity, which path in life suits you best or how you can your life started.

Our main goal is to help you gain an overview of your life and to help you to follow your inner voice. We trust you as individual and we believe you know best what is best for you. By listening, trying new behavior and connecting with your story about yourself, we together make the way to a prosperous future.

Treatment for adults:

The possibilities of life in our society are great, but are paired with challenges. All adults know how difficult life can be and which struggles are need to be dealt with to maintain balance. In the world of today, many adults are faced with growing psychological problems. These do not just come out of the blue, but are the result of struggles, negative patterns and difficult negotiations with the people around us: family, friends and colleagues. Only one thing has to go wrong – a layoff, a death, a diagnosis of an illness, as well as positive things like a new job, a birth or a marriage – and everything can start to crumble.

We understand that all adults, in various degrees, will face such difficulties in life and feel stuck from time to time. In these moments, life tries to tell us something and together we will face how we can bend the negative into a positive direction and how to continue your pathway in life.